Dancing T shirt

I like to make stuff for my kids. I guess most crafters do, I make their clothes, sometimes just personalize it with a bit of paint, embroidery or some form of embellishment.

Okay coming back to the dancing shirt it all began when I was trying my hand at some Warli figures my son asked me what I was doing? I answered that I was Warli painting. Eh! What does that mean was his response. I told him it was a form of painting done by tribal people living in India. He liked the part of them using chewed up bamboo sticks as paint brushes and rice paste for paint.  He almost screamed when I told him they painted on walls. I guess he found the fact about grown ups painting on walls amusing.

After browsing through a few warli paintings on google we decided to paint one of his shirts with the famous tarpa dance which is very commonly seen in their paintings. This is the first time I have ever  used a fabric marker. I first roughly sketched out the drawing using pencil and then went over using the marker.

I love it for its simplicity using only circles, triangles and lines you can create an entire scence. Warli are the most simple and amazing people living, which reflects through their art. Leaving you with a picture of our dancing t shirt.


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