Spin painting with snap circuits

We were fiddling around with the snap circuit set my son owns. Soon we came up with the idea to make it into a spin art machine. We needed just the batteries, motor, a switch and a cardboard base. You can easily have fun with this and keep you little ones occupied.




New Adventure

I have not been posting for quite sometime the reason being was busy with a new venture. Recently I have opened up a shop on etsy finaaaaaly after going back and forth a few times I decided to jump in. Still trying to work the kinks of running an online shop.

It consists of hand painted Tshirts with unique designs and also will soon have additions of hand embroidered Tshirts.

Here is a sneak peek at few creations

All of my creations have been inspired by Indian folkart.

If you would like to see more of my new creations you can visit my shop by clicking on the link below


Thank you ūüôā



Enderman goes to school

My boy is currently in a minecraft craze. All he does is eat sleeps and mines drives me crazy with non stop minecraft info. I feel like I have a mine craft youtube channel going on in my head 24 X 7.

Well but you will still do anything to put a smile on your kids face, so when he needed a new pencil case for school I decided to surprise him with an Enderman pencil case. It was my first ever knit project and first time attaching a zipper. It turned out okay, made the recipient overjoyed. So mission accomplished.

I dont know how enderman feels about going to school but he is sure to be a hit.


Mr. Sun

My two year old is crazy about the song Mr.Sun Mr.Sun golden Mr.Sun……… any time we are reading a book, watching videos whenever the sun makes an appearance she shouts out look look its Mr.Sun. I on the other hand am on a folk art painting spree. So putting both of our interests together I found the perfect thing to put on her shirt. Yes of course it was Mr.Sun but in the Madhubani style. Madhubani is a folk painting style from the northern region of India. It is a very ancient form of art and uses a lot of natural elements in it’s paintings like the sun, the moon, fish, flowers. Sometimes it was also used to document weddings, birth announcements and other celebrations. Here is the madhubani shirt or as my little one says Mr. Sun shirt.


Dancing T shirt

I like to make stuff for my kids. I guess most crafters do, I make their clothes, sometimes just personalize it with a bit of paint, embroidery or some form of embellishment.

Okay coming back to the dancing shirt it all began when I was trying my hand at some Warli figures my son asked me what I was doing? I answered that I was Warli painting. Eh! What does that mean was his response. I told him it was a form of painting done by tribal people living in India. He liked the part of them using chewed up bamboo sticks as paint brushes and rice paste for paint.  He almost screamed when I told him they painted on walls. I guess he found the fact about grown ups painting on walls amusing.

After browsing through a few warli paintings on google we decided to paint one of his shirts with the famous tarpa dance which is very commonly seen in their paintings. This is the first time I have ever  used a fabric marker. I first roughly sketched out the drawing using pencil and then went over using the marker.

I love it for its simplicity using only circles, triangles and lines you can create an entire scence. Warli are the most simple and amazing people living, which reflects through their art. Leaving you with a picture of our dancing t shirt.



What is a toran? It is an essential part of any celebration in a Hindu home in India. It is a bunting made of flowers and leaves hung on the main door of the house. When I was kid we used to make them at home with fresh marigold flowers and mango leaves. I still remember the fragrance of the flowers their softness and the sharp tart smell of the mango leaves which complemented the flowers very well. Early in the morning there used to be a basket of flowers and a bunch of leaves laid out for us to string it together. After we finished making it my father used to hang it on the main entrance. I never knew the reason why we hung it but we always did every festival, every celebration. Now I know there are many reasons for it some call it Vijay Pataka or the victory bunting. It is said that in olden times when the kings returned after winning a war everyone used to welcome them by hanging toran on the doorway. Another reason is that it is hung on the entrance of your house to welcome the guests and essentially goddess Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and prosperity. As for me toran has a special place in my heart as it brings back happy childhood memories reminder of the innocent carefree days. As I could not find any fresh marigold flowers or mango leaves I decided to recreate it out of yarn.